Become a member of the Auto Forum Club

What is the AUTO FORUM CLUB®?

The AUTO FORUM CLUB® is a business club created by the representatives of renowned automotive companies and their suppliers.

The main goal of AUTO FORUM CLUB® is contribute to a better development of automotive companies, and thus to the development of the whole industry.

The activities of the Club are intended to create a permanent platform for the cooperation of automotive companies in the following areas: information exchange, expanding the know-how and experiences, regular meetings of the industry, creating new commercial contacts, lobbying for important interests of the industry.

Areas of cooperation- the principal rule:

Taking into account the individual character and the individual policies of corporations we have assumed the rule of voluntary participation of the individual companies in specific projects.

The cooperation between the member companies covers mainly such areas that are deemed by the interested companies as being important for them.

Who may become a member?

Any production or services company in the automotive industry that is a manufacturer of parts, components, accessories or a supplier of services or support tools for production and services processes (including logistics, transport, engineering and other processes).

Advantages from the membership in the Auto Forum Club®

  • direct relations among managers

  • participation in closed meetings of the Club

  • gaining knowledge and experience

  • possibility of creating joint projects based on the best practices of the individual companies

  • possibility of implementing the jointly elaborated projects / solutions

  • bigger influence in external contacts (e.g. lobbying for the crucial interests of the industry)

  • discounts for club members for the participation in conferences, seminars, suppliers' days and fairs organized by the Auto Forum Club®

  • discounts for the participation in the "Optimization and permanent improvement platform - OPTISOLUS"

  • possibility of discounts for the participation in branch events organized by the AFC partners

  • possibility of discounts and attractive schemes when buying goods and services from the companies cooperating with the Club

  • participation in business and social event

Member duties

By accessing to the AUTO FORUM CLUB® any new member undertakes to:

  • participate in the work of the organization and its meetings,

  • support the work of the organization in projects where he is partner

  • support the organization in the pursuit of the adopted directions of development

  • contribute to new activities of the organization

  • participate in lobbying activities according to the member's capacities

  • promote the ideas created by the organization

Membership application

If you are interested in becoming a member of the AUTO FORUM CLUB® please contact us directly

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