Cooperation between competitors
Companies competing in the marketplace have a lot of very similar interests that might be the subject of their joint projects. The cooperation of the competitors was the founding idea of the AUTO FORUM CLUB®.

The AUTO FORUM CLUB® is an organization of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.
In 2004 the founding meeting of the AUTO FORUM CLUB® with the participation of manufacturers and suppliers took place. They declared that they wanted to establish a business club intended for the automotive industry in Poland and abroad.

Main goals
The main goal of AUTO FORUM CLUB® is to contribute to a better development of automotive companies, and thus to the development of the whole industry.
The projects initiated by us are intended to create a permanent platform for the cooperation of automotive companies in the following areas: information exchange, expanding the know-how and experience, regular meetings of the industry, creating new commercial contacts, lobbying for important interests of the industry.
An important part of the AUTO FORUM CLUB's activities is the creation and maintenance of direct personal contacts among the managerial staff of the member companies.

Scope of activities
In order to perform the above goals we regularly organize general conferences for the managers in this branch of industry (see the Auto Forum), business events for purchasing and sales departments (see: the Supplier's Day), seminars on professional know-how (see: the Process Optimization Seminar), training and consultation on major problems arising in series production or services.

We also work on other projects that are or might be of interest both to the members of the organization and the other automotive companies.

Project coordinator
The coordinator of the activities of the AUTO FORUM CLUB® is the company ART studio which manages the operations and projects of the organization.

ART studio

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