The Suppliers' Development Project

comprises the activities aiming at the development of suppliers, that is the companies providing products and services for the motor sector.

The project is intended for:

  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) -the buyers

  • current and potential suppliers and sub-suppliers.


Every company has a chance to enter the automotive market. The buyer will expect the supplier to fulfil a few basic conditions, such as:

  • the right product

  • the desired quality

  • timely performance of orders and deliveries

  • adequate market costs

This Project has four basic aims:

  • unification of the production and quality standards in the relations between the buyer and the supplier

  • preparation of suppliers for the global market requirements

  • improvement of the qualifications of the current suppliers

  • entering into business co-operation or enlarging the expanding co-operation

Of course, these are just the basic criteria.

For whom?

The Suppliers' Development Project is a tool for such companies that wish to improve their qualifications and their position in the market (also in the global market). It can be used by both the companies that have been improving their operations for many years and such that have just started this process. For this purpose the Optimisation Platform OPTISOLUS has been created.

Final result

The advantages of this project can be enjoyed by both the buyers and the suppliers. The buyers co-operate with the suppliers who fulfil their basic criteria, whereas the suppliers are ready for the co-operation on the global automotive market. The Project provides the following advantages:

  • unification of the standards

  • preparation of the suppliers for the requirements of a global industry

  • improvement of the qualifications of the current suppliers

  • assistance of the potential buyers for the suppliers

  • facilitating contracts

Arguments for accessing this project

  • an increase in the production of cars globally and in Europe

  • an increase in the value of investment in eastern and central Europe

  • transfer of production to eastern and central European countries

  • an increasing role of the supplier in the production process

  • an increasing importance of Poland in the European car production

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